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lundi, 27 juin 2016 08:40
Published in Mobilier

Nouvelle collection 2019


with Duo, Spoutnik , Cosmo ....


New collection 2019


With Duo, Spoutnik, Cosmo ...

lundi, 15 juillet 2019 13:32
Published in Mobilier





Mégalithe is the first creation by the 2 Binome designers (Ingrid Michel & Frédéric Pain),

 for the new  //OBJET//  collection.

 This work above all focuses on the object while following the guiding line of sculptural design.

The form is taut but the angles still have a certain roundness, along with organic shapes and concrete providing a mineral element.

Balance is also one of the subjects they like to address, with a primary volume supported by a secondary volume that affirms the whole.


Collaboration with Faïencerie Georges


mercredi, 29 juin 2016 12:27
Published in Objet
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